Friday, October 30, 2009

working title....

October 30th, 2009. While our daughter the ski nut is just flipping out that Big White MAY ( and I really stress may ) open November 5th - the biking hasn't stopped. Just as an example of what's swirling thru my skull these days....

Mtn bike - riding tonight up Sturg, BIG 4hr ride planned Sunday w Jaegan.
Gotta keep the mileage rolling here - want to make the odometer pass 2000 kms for 2009 !
Can do - good to go.
Jaegan & I have a tentative date of Nov 10 as a threshold decision date. We decide on whether we participate in the BC Bike Race ! This will ultimately require me cramming LOTS more CX in for 2010 - even though I'm already signed up for IMC 2010 & Oliver Half Iron.

Road Bike - new drivetrain is IN at the wrench !! So - I can finally get to make a proper bracelet for myself out of a chain I rode the rails off.....The Tarmac SL S-Works got a good workout this year - the computer says ~2000 kms - but I really didn't get it on until May - and she was getting a bunch of riding in beforehand.

TT Bike - Looking at contingencies on this one......May get a new frame and cannabalize the Giant for the new frame. Let's face it - I have expensive tastes.... Need to shave the frame weight sans aero bars to equal the Scary Fast Rocket ( Tarmac ). Giant computer ( Mavic ) is over 1000 kms - so from July to September - that's not bad. We'll see. She's a momentum rocket on the downhills - but climbibng Richter pass - she's a Panzer Tank !!

Running 2-3 times a week - so the swimming is the weak link. I have too many other " bike " issues swirling - parts, lights, helmet, kit, camera.... All planning for this Fall and 2010. 

will keep you posted. So - am I ready for skiing - NO SILLY - there's still lot's of riding to do....~!!!!

Cheers B

Monday, October 26, 2009

Kudos to Shaun Bergen - ripping er up to a 2nd place finish at the Reaper Ripper mtn bike race yesterday.
Kudos to Dan @ Hardy Breed for a 19th in his AC at the Longhorn 70.3.
There's a whole swack more of congrats to go out - details to follow....
I'm going night riding w Tuesday Night Ride dudes come hell or high water !! This working Sunday SUCKS.