Monday, December 28, 2009

Skiing Big White Christmas Day & Boxing Day.....

The girls went out and did their thing for the two days. They're actually on snow for pretty much every day from 24th - 1st - while we're slaving the system.....

A couple of interesting points.
I have never told Ilana she has to go wow the camera - just ski and be themselves. She gets to see the whole spectrum from filming he footage to editing to final cut. She is taking quite the interest in it too.

For whatever reason - the girls have named the Hero HD camera " Xavier ". It could be worse - but it is actually quite cool. The professor from the X-Men I say - they say " Who ?? ". Oy !!

You be the judge....

Mountain biked up Knox yesterday morning in the dull and dreary cloud. Nordic skate skiing on the misery sticks at Telemark in the afternoon. Blissful blue sky and gorgeous sun.....WOW.
Sounds like that is Jaegan's and my New Years Day plans - with to follow.
Hmmm - could be epic if I run - then bike - then skate ski......Heh Heh



Saturday, December 26, 2009

Been busy....

Boxing Day am - about to get ready to go for a run with Trevor. Been slammed lately with skiing, running, and some biking. Oh yah - work and family too.....

So I finally purchased a Hero HD camera. Helmet, chest, gluteus maximus - you name it - you can mount it. So Jaegan & I christened it with a very dark Knox to McKinley and back mtn bike ride 12-11-09.
40 kms of fun - I was pumped on how the video was going to turn out - wow was it dark.....
The video made one realize how damn good our eyes are as core instruments in daily activities.

So a scant four days later - we hit paydirt. Tuesday December 15th - we did a night mtn bike ride at Rose Valley. I even rode on the frozen reservoir. Fun - slick - a tad cold. You be the judge....

 Then our daughter Ilana got her wish and used the Hero on her training day prior to a two day race at Apex Alpine in Penticton. I think she had fun. You be the judge.....

We just had a perfect bluebird day at Big White - she had the helmet cam on again. Today too.
Will keep you posted....


Monday, December 7, 2009

K1 Camp Silver Star

So here is the K1 group of Big White Racers. Awesome bunch of kids. We just spent 3 days at Silver Star - skiing, dryland training, learning how to edge & wax skis, boot fitting, racing brushes, racing gates, and most important - having FUN.

 Head coach Trevor Haaheim ( right above this sentence ), our daughter Ilana far right. Besides being on snow as much as possible - the main goal was the group to gel together away from family and other distractions. It really worked. The kids had a full - full schedule - so there wasn't a lot of goof time. With our temperatures averaging minus 14 - nobody came in early because they were cold. Wow. Trevor even had them running in snow AFTER skiing.
Trevor is an amazing leader. Besides being our Program Director - he's won our Okanagan Int'l Marathon ( a few times ), and is an accomplished road racer. 2010 will be his first year not racing with Total Restoration. Why I say this is he commands your attention and respect - no matter the age. I believe he exemplifies the expression " Lead by Example " and then some. In addition to the days he runs, skis, and teaches the kids - him & I even squeezed in two 5:30 am runs to Sovereign Lake Nordic Centre and back.

Yes that is the moon above Trev. It's too bad I didn't have a night savvy camera - cause these runs were AMAZING. Our full moon was earlier in the week - but I really didn't need the HID light for the runs. Snow covered trees - snow blanket everywhere - full clear sky of stars - the crunch crunch of our feet on the snow - running at altitude - good company. What more could you ask for ? All of the kids were mouth-gaped in amazement at what time we got up and where we ran. Our response - it's nothing - anybody could do it. LEAD BY EXAMPLE.
A few parents have also commented same - my answer - had we run to Vernon and back - YES that would have been superhuman. But not this weekend - not enough time before 7:30 K1 dryland...

So - sounds like last Tuesday Night Ride dudes ride - will be Knox to McKinley - will be ~ -14. Lead by example......and bring hand warmers too !

Thanks to Trevor, Kasey, Jesse for coaching this weekend. Thanks to the kids for their enthusiasm and commitment to the Camp. Thanks to the chaperons Heather M, Diane D, Anne Marie K, oh yah - and me.