Tuesday, January 12, 2010

just in case you were wondering....

No offense - I know it's mandatory and my 2010 dance card could be affected - but - I HATE the trainer. So - the outdoor stuff has been the standard. Yes - I'm not cracking off 5 hr trainer rides like Payne-Train Bryan - so call me a poof. I'm hoping all of my other activities will compensate.

So - instead of rambling like a fool - here's what this blog is about. Next mtn bike ride. This Sunday in the am. How far ? Most likely a 2 hr stint then a kahuna skate ski.

The bike ride I'm REALLY looking forward to is the Climb Sturgeon III. Friday January 22nd. It celebrates my and 2 others birthdays. We climb Knox in the dark - and fall into Sturgeon Hall. Shitty - we have to drink beer afterwards.

So - YES I'll be wearing helmet cam. YES we are going to equal last year's total of at least 5 hearty riders. YES we're gonna drink some Warsteiner. MAYBE I'll ride my bike INTO Sturgeon. Would make a great video shoot eh ???

This morning's run was sticky baby poo mud on the runners. That was a good 40 minutes of the 2 hr run in the muck.....Joy. Oh and it was raining non-stop too. Character building I'm told.

Saw this video today on vimeo. Levi cruising on the TT in his Mellow Johnny gear in Sonoma. Shit I could watch this video all day......

Levi cruising on the TT machina in Sonoma

Monday, January 11, 2010

you think you've got cardio ?? think again !

Have purchased a pair of XC skate skis - aptly called MISERY STICKS. Why ? Well as my title eludes - one can never ever never assume the task is complete. Compound this exponentially when dealing with your fitness.
Strive higher - stronger - faster. Better yet for us mere mortals - associate with lung demons no matter your sport. If you can befriend or have friends that are that much better than you at the game - train as much as they'll allow you. Remember karma can be a real bitch - so extend the courtesy when you're approached by an entry level friend.

Telemark Night skiing January 5th - a rest stop at a junction

I've known for 20 years that XC skiing was the key tyo better cycling - did I do it ? No. Shitballs. But - so as to not go throught life feeling sorry for myself - I've finally done it. WOW. This sport is incredible. I cannot begin to describe the soreness in my arms and lungs after 5 solid sessions on the sticks. I plan to skate ski 2hrs this coming Thursday night and 4 hrs on Sunday. I'm going to enter a 30km Loppet on January 24th. I wont finish last - but it'll be damn close.

This video is from Sunday January 3rd. Sovereign Lake Nordic Centre. Enjoy.